Roasted London Duck 伦敦烧鸭 Whole 一只

⭐伦敦樱桃鸭⭐ 是鸭鸭界的和牛 👜 🦆 是由英国🇬🇧湖边纯净的水质饲养, 以上等的饲料和照料, 肉质绝对是鸭中之王 ‼ London Ducks are kind of Wagyu of the duck. Why? Because, the london ducks were raised by the pure water of the lake in the UK, with above-grade feed, the meat quality is the king of ducks


Hainan Chicken 白切菜园鸡 Whole 一只


Aromatic Boneless London Duck 玲珑去骨伦敦鸭 Each 只